Wine & Must Analysis Workshop - WI

Wine & Must Analysis Workshop - WI

Wine & Must Analysis Workshop

presented by Dr. Barry Gump, PhD. 

Saturday, March 1, 8am - 5pm

Sunday, March 2, 7:45am - 12:15pm

  Hands on learning of wine and must testing techniques including:

  • berry & juice sugar content by refractometry & hydrometry
  • MLF by paper chromatography
  • pH testing by pH probe analysis
  • volatile acidity using cash still
  • alcohol determination using an ebulliometer
  • residual sugars by colorimetric test
  • total acidity by titration
  • and more!
Contact name: Lynn White
Phone: 1-920-491-2623
E-mail: lynn.white@nwtc.edu
Admission price: $150 per person - VIN268 students no fee
Lodging info: Green Bay hotel of your choice

Download Program Agenda: Download PDF

Download registration info: Download registration info

Location: 2740 W. Mason St., Green Bay, WI 54307