Sensory Evaluation Workshop - MO

Sensory Evaluation Workshop - MO

Topics will include: wine tasting methodology, wine sensory components, wine faults and flaws, and errors in the perception of wine. Workshop attendees will be guided through sensory test methods to access perceived differences and preferences in wine. This workshop will benefit winemakers, cellar workers and others in the industry who seek a deeper understanding of these topics and their impact on a winery’s success. The course concludes with a Certificate of Completion.

Contact name: Michelle Norgren
Phone: 417-837-2513
E-mail: vesta@missouristate.edu
Admission price: $200.00
Lodging info: http://www.midwestgrape.com/attendees/lodging/

Download Program Agenda: Download PDF

Location: Two Convention Center Plaza, St. Charles, MO 63303