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VESTA serves as a pathway For individuals interested in professional development and certificated training in viticulture and enology


VESTA's online program offers individuals the opportunity to advance their technical knowledge of the grape and wine industry through a complete program of professional development modules and courses in viticulture, enology and wine business and entrepreneurship.

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Important Student information

Scholarship Opportunity

The VESTA is pleased to announce the Gordon “Stanley” Howell Memorial Scholarship, a donor-funded scholarship for qualified VESTA students.  The recipient must plan to enroll in the VESTA program with the intent to pursue a certificate or AAS degree in viticulture, enology or wine business entrepreneurship. Open link for complete scholarship and application information.


New to the VESTA Program

VESTA is a partnership of educational institutions across the United States. VESTA offers you the opportunity to take a course, earn a technical certificate or an Associate of Applied Science degree, all done on line and with hands on field experiences in your location. Individuals wishing to participate in the VESTA program will need to create a VESTA account through the links provided above. Once you have created your VESTA Account, log in to the VESTA website and proceed with your review of the program, the courses offered and the services provided. 

VESTA Registration Procedures

VESTA utilizes a centralized tuition and registration process. Students select their classes, register and pay in one central location. The VESTA partnership of institutions works diligently to provide our students this ease of access to the VESTA program.  Just log in to your VESTA Student Account, review the various programs of study and the course catalog, open a registration form and select the course(s) that you wish to enroll.  Once you have selected your desired course(s), click Submit.  You will be directed to a payment window where you will confirm your course selection, select your payment method and submit payment.  Upon payment, your registration will be processed, and you will be enrolled in your course.  Please refer to the FAQ section for more detailed answers to any questions you may have. 

Continued Program Enrollment

Because VESTA is a partnership of educational institutions in multiple states, it is necessary that returning students complete the VESTA Registration form each semester in which they intend to take VESTA courses. Information that you supplied in previous semesters may not have been supplied to the institution that is offering the course that you have selected for the current semester.

Log in to the VESTA website with your VESTA account.  Click on the Student Tab.  From the navigation tabs on the left, review and explore the class schedule, course catalog and services offered.  From the navigation tabs on the left, click on STUDENT FORMS, and complete and submit your registration form online. 

Certificate and Degree Seeking Students

VESTA offers you the option of taking classes for interest and continuing education or to earn a degree.  All of the VESTA member institutions are approved by their respective boards of higher education to be degree granting.  You can earn a technical certificate or Associate of Applied Science degree in viticulture, enology, or wine business entrepreneurship.  If you wish to be degree seeking, it will be necessary for you to request that official copies of all past transcripts be sent to the VESTA Program Office.  Should you have more than 24 hours of college credit, your high school or GED documents will not be required. 

As you complete your VESTA registration form, you will be asked to identify your Home Institution.  This is the VESTA member institution that will be your degree granting institution.  You may select from any of the VESTA member colleges/universities.

Request for Transcripts/Grades

As you progress through the VESTA program it will become necessary to have your transcripts from the various partner institutions that have offered your courses be sent to your Home Institution. To have your transcripts sent to your home institution, go to the Tuition, Fees and Transcripts page and select the link(s) for the desired institution.