Suggested Wine Business and Entrepreneurship Educational Path

Semester 1-Fall

VIN 130 (3hrs) New Wine Business Feasibility

VIN 270 (2hrs) Marketing for Small Wineries

Semester 2-Winter/Spring

VIN 132 (3hrs) Entrepreneurial Finance for Vineyard and Winery Business

VIN 250 (3hrs) Equipment Technology for the Entrepreneur

XXX xxx (2-3hrs) Elective

VIN 272 (2hrs) Tasting Room Management (OR)

VIN 280 (3hrs) Winery Establishment and Design

Semester 3-Summer

XXX xxx (3hrs) Elective

VIN 111 (3hrs) Introduction to Viticulture and Vineyard Establishment (OR)

VIN 146 (3hrs) Introduction to Enology

Semester 4-Fall

VIN 202 (3hrs) Legal Aspects of Vineyard and Winery Operations

VIN 290 (3hrs) Vineyard and Winery Safety

VIN 275 (3hrs) Financial Management for the Entrepreneur

Semester 5 - Spring

VIN 285 (3hrs) Addressing Human Resources

VIN 295 (3hrs) Developing a Business Plan