Suggested Viticulture Educational Path

Semester 1-Fall

VIN 111 (3hrs) Introduction to Viticulture and Vineyard Management

VIN 112 (3hrs) Botanical Viticulture

VIN 293 (3hrs) Soils for Viticulture


Semester 2-Winter/Spring

VIN 113 (2hrs) Winter Viticulture Technology

VIN 114 (2hrs) Spring Viticulture Technology

VIN 105 (4hrs) Molecular Principles of Grape and Wine



Semester 3-Summer

VIN 115 (2hrs) Summer/Fall Viticulture Technology

VIN 146 (3hrs) Introduction to Enology


Semester 4-Fall

VIN 211 (2hrs) Integrated Pest Management

VIN 213 (2hrs) Regional Vineyard Management

CIS 101 (3hrs) Computers for Learning