Admission Information

Admission and Registration

Enrollment Deadlines:

Winter 2015 - December 12, 2014 (VIN 212 (previously VIN 113) only)

Spring 2014 - January 9, 2015

Submit your registration information today.


Individuals wishing to participate in the VESTA program will need to create a VESTA account through the links provided above. Once you have created your VESTA Account, log in to the VESTA website and proceed with your review of the program, the courses offered and the services provided. Using the navigation tabs on the left, click on STUDENT FORMS.  Complete all pages of the form, and click submit.  VESTA is a partnership of multiple colleges and universities across the United States.  Completion and submission of the VESTA Registration form serves two purposes.  First, the form serves to admit you into the institution that is hosting the course you have selected.  Secondly, the registration form registers you for the class(es) you have indicated that you wish to take.  Once the host institution has finalized processing your registration, you will be notified of the charges due and the processes to follow to pay for your classes.

The process for payment varies with each institution.  Most instituions do not send paper billings.  An account will be created for you by the host institution in their student electronic portal system.  You will access this student portal to see your invoice, pay your bills, view your final grades.  This information is very important.  As part of your VESTA Student account on this website, you have the option to save important information such as URLs, passwords, phone numbers and other necessary information as it relates to each class.   


Because VESTA is a partnership of educational institutions in multiple states, it is necessary that returning students complete the VESTA Registration form each semester in which they intend to take VESTA courses. Information that you supplied in previous semesters may not have been supplied to the institution that is offering the course that you have selected for the current semester.

Log in to the VESTA website with your VESTA account.  Click on the Student Tab.  From the navigation tabs on the left, click on STUDENT FORMS, and complete and submit your registration form online. 


VESTA offers you the option of taking classes for interest and continuing education or to earn a degree.  All of the VESTA member institutions are approved by their respective boards of higher education to be degree granting.  You can earn a technical certificate or Associate of Applied Science degree in viticulture, enology, or wine business entrepreneurship.  If you wish to be degree seeking, it will be necessary for you to request that official copies of all past transcripts be sent to the VESTA Program Office.  Should you have more than 24 hours of college credit, your high school or GED documents will not be required. 

When you complete your VESTA registration form, you will be asked to identify your Home Institution.  This is the VESTA member institution that will be the degree granting institution.  You may select from any of the VESTA member institutions.

Upon your admission and registration, you will be billed by the course delivering institution.  All payments are made directly to the course-delivering institution.  Click on the Tuition, Fees and Textbooks navigation tab to determine the fees for the course(s) you have selected.  No payments are to be made to the VESTA Program Office.

Should you have any difficulties, please contact Emily Gray, Student Support, by email or by phone at 417-837-2513.