VESTA offers a quarterly newsletter that focuses on VESTA content and also highlights relevant industry news. Also, gathered on this page are Grape and Wine Industry websites and newsletters.

KGGWA ( The KGGWA was formed in 1987 as a coalition of Kansas grape growers and winemakers to improve the industry practices and products in Kansas The KGGWA is a not for profit organization whose purpose is: To further the growth and economic development of grape growing and winemaking in the state of Kansas To search for the wine grape varieties best adapted to Kansas To develop research projects on improving wine making methods To improve the quality of grapes grown in Kansas To furnish current information to growers and vintners To participate in studies, programs, research and data dissemination on grapes and wine To represent the interest of Kansas growers and vintners in legislative issues To develop education programs that will assist in the promotion, production, and quality of Kansas grapes and wine.

Kansas Viticulture & Farm Winery Association The Kansas Viticulture and Farm Winery Association (KVFWA) is a not-for-profit organization whose main purpose is to nurture the expansion and growth of the grape industry in Kansas, particularly for farm wineries.