Missouri Registered Apprenticeship Program

MORAP 2018 Grant

Missouri State University received a grant from the Missouri Division of Workforce Development under the MORAP 2018 grant program.  The VESTA Program Office of the University is the lead organization implementing this grant.  The objective of the grant is to enable the Missouri grape and wine industry (GWI) to enhance recruitment, advancement and retention of employees through participation in the Registered Apprenticeship program.  In addition, VESTA is leveraging the infrastructure and support provided through its grant from the Advanced Technological Education program of the National Science Foundation to develop a model that can be replicated by organizations in other states for their GWI.

Collaboration is the Key to Success

VESTA is collaborating with the Missouri Grape and Wine Board, the Missouri Division of Workforce Development, Missouri Job Centers, and the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship in Missouri to enable the GWI to establish Registered Apprenticeships. 

  • Recognizing that the GWI largely consists of small business with limited resources needed to Sponsor a Registered Apprenticeship, Missouri State University has received approval from the Department of Labor to serve as a Sponsor.  This will significantly reduce the administrative responsibilities for Missouri’s vineyards and wineries participating in the Registered Apprenticeship program.
  • Recognizing that the GWI was limited to only two occupations approved for Registered Apprenticeships (Wine Maker and Cellar Worker), VESTA collaborated with industry representatives from throughout the country to develop occupational standards for additional jobs involved in grape and wine production.  As of November 2018, the following occupations are approved for Registered Apprenticeships:  Assistant Winemaker, Vineyard Manager, Vineyard Foreman, Vineyard Worker, and Tasting Room Associate. 
  • Recognizing that over 90% of the GWI consists of small businesses, a new occupation title – Production Technician – was developed through collaboration with organizations in Michigan and Iowa.  The occupational standards for this job were approved for Registered Apprenticeships and implemented in Michigan.  This new occupation will be adapted to an employer’s specific workforce needs for a Registered Apprenticeship in Missouri and other states. 
  • A series of Registered Apprenticeship Workshops are being developed to enable GWI employers to explore opportunities available through participation in the Registered Apprenticeship program.  These workshops will provide employers with an understanding of this program; services and funding that can be provided to employers and apprentices; and the steps involved in developing, implementing and administering Registered Apprenticeships.
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