Michael Leonardelli

Michael Leonardelli

Retired Enology Extension Associate, Food Science Adjunct Faculty

University of Missouri
Columbia, MO


Email: mjleonardelli@centurylink.net

Course(s): VIN 148 - Winery Sanitation

Born and raised in St. Louis MO, Michael Leonardelli’s education includes an M.A and an M.B.A., followed by a 25+ year stint in healthcare finance.  Twelve years ago while residing in Raleigh NC, he decided to turn his wine avocation into a vocation, by earning an Associate’s degree in Viticulture and Enology from Surry County Community College.  He continued his enology education as a graduate student at NC State University where he earned an M.S in Food Science.  His thesis title:   Factors Affecting 4-Ethylphenol Production by the Wine Spoilage Yeast B. bruxellensis. During 2010, he took a position with Missouri Extension to address quality assurance issues with new Missouri wineries, and to serve as faculty for the new Viticulture and Enology courses offered at University of Missouri, Columbia MO.  Through 2016, he served as Food Science adjunct faculty, focusing on wine consumer education at UM, Columbia.