Daniel Becker

Daniel Becker

University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension

Princeton, KY

Email: daniel.becker@uky.edu

Course(s): VIN 215, Summer/Fall Viticulture Technology (formerly VIN 115)

Daniel Becker received a Master of Science degree in plant, soil and agriculture systems from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. As a graduate student he was instrumental in the management and data collection of a cumulative seven acres of public and private research vineyards. Research conducted at these sites included hybrid and vinifera cultivar trials; bud mortality and bud-break response of hybrid and vinifera cultivars to a late spring freeze event; effects of canopy division, fertilization, and crop load on the growth and wine quality of Cabernet franc; and the effects of drip line cover crops and crop load on the growth of Norton and Traminette cultivars. His duties as a graduate student also included the preparation and participation in lectures for two university based classes with a cumulative attendance totaling over 150 students as well as industry supported workshops and annual meetings. During this time he also managed a four acre vinifera vineyard which won the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Association, Ted Wichmann Vineyard of the Year award in 2012. Duties as vineyard manager included instituting rigorous quality oriented canopy management practices, developing and implementing successful pest management practices, soliciting buyers and negotiating for price and contract terms, and scheduling and conducting harvest based on desired organoleptic ripeness. Daniel currently works for the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension and resides in Princeton, KY.