Wine and Must Analysis Workshop - AR

Workshop Instructor David White, PhD, Owner of Midwest Wine Analytics, LLC and VESTA Instructor of Molecular Principles of Grapes and Wine has 30+ years of experience in applied industrial chemistry and has aided Midwest wineries in resolving production and quality control issues related to filtration and sanitation, SO2 adjustments and management, and aided their implementation of proper testing techniques.  David will provide workshop participants with hands-on opportunities to test sugars, pH, titratable acidity and sulfur dioxide (SO2), as well as monitoring malolactic fermentation using paper chromatography.

Contact name: Veronica Post
Phone: 479-518-1963
E-mail: vpost@atu.edu
Admission price: No Cost to VIN 268 VESTA Students, Others $120
Lodging info: Lodging info attached to Registration Form.

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Location: 1700 Helberg Lane, Ozark, AR 72949