New Webinar Series - Grapes and Wines of the World

New Webinar Series - Grapes and Wines of the World

Presenter - Michael Leonardelli

Welcome to VESTA’s new educational series, Grapes and Wines of the World.  This new educational series is offered to all interested participants via online live, interactive Zoom sessions and is designed for consumers who wish to sample wines from global regions. Each session will focus on either a style of wine, such as sparkling wines and Champagnes, or a specific region and its typical varietal wines or blends, e.g. Alsatian white varietal wines. 

You, the participant will learn the sensory characteristics of the wines of the region - a result of the nature of wine grapes grown there and climate’s effect on bringing those grapes to the desired level of wine making maturity.  You will also learn the language to make future retail purchases and be able to discuss your enjoyment of wines with confidence.

How are these sessions different from other workshops?  There are four basic differences:  1) The sponsor is VESTA, an entity with the mission to educate, not to sell wine for a profit;  2) The educator holds an MS in Grape & Wine Science and has taught wine sampling courses for college credit and non-credit;  3) You register for each workshop one at a time; there is no long-term commitment;  4) The wines sampled will not be difficult to acquire because you purchased them at a local retailer!

How it Works

  • After registration, you will receive, via email, instructions to purchase one or two wines (estimated average retail price of $15) that are typical of the region that is to be the focus of the session.
  • The instructor will request the name of wine(s) you purchased along with photos of back and front labels for inclusion in the slide presentation. These are due to the instructor by Monday night prior to the Thursday session.
  • Prior to the session, you will receive a wine evaluation sheet for use during the session, and a copy of the slides.
  • Each session will include information on the geographic region including topography, soils, climate, traditions of grape and wine production, wine characteristics, a brief orientation to the scoring sheet, followed by discussion of the specific wines to be sampled.

Session 1 - Thursday, February 25, 2021 – Style specific - Champagnes and Sparkling Wines: 

Select a “methode champenoise/traditionelle” produced sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France, a sparkling wine designated as “Cremant” from elsewhere in France, a Cava from Spain, or a sparkling wine from California.  We’ll review the process of sparkling wine production and compare flavorful notes.

 Registration - Registration Deadline is Friday, February 19 . To maximize the interaction between the instructor and all session participants, class size is limited, so Register now to reserve your spot.

Contact name: Michelle Norgren
Phone: 417-837-2514
E-mail: michellenorgren@missouristate.edu

Location: Zoom Webinar,