Beginning & Advanced IPM Practices for Vineyards

This workshop will add to your existing knowledge

of pest management for grapes and add to your

repertoire of knowledge about spotted wing

drosophila and how to calibrate your sprayers.

• Gain hands-on experience in scouting for the

major grape pests

• Learn in-field/in-vineyard scouting techniques

for major and minor pests of grapes, including

flea beetle, grape berry moth, anthracnose,


black rot, powdery mildew and downy


• Learn how to determine thresholds for each of

the main pests

• Discuss options for managing each major pest

using organic and non-organic pesticides as well

as cultural and biological management options

• Collaboratively build management plans for the

host vineyard and its pests

• Learn how to calibrate your sprayers

This unique, innovative program provides an

intensive, full-day applied workshop including

hands-on demonstrations as well as team

scouting opportunities.

Contact name: Regina Hirsch
Phone: 608-335-7755
E-mail: rmhirsch@wisc.edu
Admission price: $30 ($25 student)

Download registration info: Download registration info

Location: University of WI - Madison Ag Bulletin Bldg., Madison , WI 53706