Tuition and Fees

Course Tuition

All VESTA courses are are offered at a rate of $230 per credit hour effective the 2022-2023 academic year.

Laboratory Fees

VESTA courses are enriched with laboratory and field experiences.  Because of this, many courses require an additional laboratory fee.  The following lists the courses and the associated laboratory fee.  Only courses having laboratory or workshops fees are listed.

VIN 111 - $90 (for mentor stipend)

VIN 146 - No fee, but students will be expected to purchase a wine kit at an approximate cost of $175.

VIN 212 - $90 (for mentor stipend)

VIN 214 - $90 (for mentor stipend)

VIN 215 - $90 (for mentor stipend)

VIN 246 - $90 (for mentor stipend)

VIN 247 - $90 (for mentor stipend)

VIN 257 - $180 (for mentor stipend)

VIN 259 - $180 (for mentor stipend)

VIN 266 - $180 (for workshop expenses.  Travel and lodging for workshop are at the student's expense.*)

VIN 268 - $180 (for workshop costs.  Travel and lodging for workshop are the student's expense.*)

* Should the student be unable to attend the workshop, students are expected to work with their instructor to identify an alternative activity.