We've put together a collection of links, videos, online tools, class notes, business plans and other references that you will find helpful in your studies of viticulture and enology.

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Video References

  • VESTA Instructional Video Library
  • Click on the link above to access the complete collection of instructional videos and learning modules.  In addition, take advantage of the search feature this video library offers to find all references to any grape or wine topic in which you are interested.
  • Vine Stories
  • There's a story behind every bottle of wine.   This site shares tales of winemakers whose connection to the grapes or the land propelled them to take a risk in pursuit of their dream.  Filled with challenges like weather, pests, finances and time, we believe these winery profile videos will inform and inspire.


Michigan Grape and Wine Newsletter - Michigan State University Extension

Iowa State University Wine Grower News - Midwest Gape and Wine Industry Institute

Virginia Tech Enology Notes - Bruce Zoecklein

Reference Books

General Viticulture – Winkler, et al, eds. This is a very comprehensive text and has been the bible of American viticulture since it was published. The problem is that it was published over 30 years ago. Much has changed since then. Also, it is California-centric, so it doesn’t address the varieties, systems, or challenges of grape production in the other regions of the United States. Still, it is an excellent basic reference if you have more up-to-date material to supplement it. It is available from the University of California Press (

  • Viticulture, Vol. II. – Coombe & Dry, eds. An excellent text from Australia. More modern than General Vit, and addresses more current production systems, but about 13 years old. A revised edition should be available soon, Volume I has already been revised. Both volumes can be ordered from
  • There are several other less comprehensive books on various aspects of grape production (varieties, vineyard establishment, etc.), but again these mainly deal with areas of the country or world that are different from where you reside.  While the viticulture principles are the same, the practices may differ.  Many of these books also can be found at

The Midwest Grape Production Guide – Bulletin 919-05
This is the only comprehensive guide available in the Midwest covering all aspects of wine and table grape production in colder regions of the US including the Midwest and Northeast. It describes the physiology of the grapevine; site and variety selection; vineyard establishment; cultural practices including pruning; training; canopy management; soil management and fertilization; disease and pest management including weeds, insects, and wildlife; and harvesting and marketing.

Over 30 years of research and over 100 years of combined experience and expertise from specialists at The Ohio State University and Purdue University, plus industry and grower experience and innovation are brought together in this production guide. It is sure to be an invaluable resource for the grape grower. This 155-page guide is generously illustrated with 114 colored photographs and drawings, 18 tables, and a pullout centerfold illustrating step-by-step vine training and common training systems. A detailed appendix outlines additional viticulture resources and a glossary of common terms.

  • Authors:
    Dr. Imed Dami, Assistant Prof. Viticulture Specialist Department of Horticulture and Crop Science Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center The Ohio State University
    Dr. Bruce Bordelon, Associate Prof. and Viticulture Specialist Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Purdue University
    Dr. David C. Ferree, Professor Emeritus Department of Horticulture and Crop Science Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center The Ohio State University
    Dr. Maurus Brown, Assistant Professor and Extension Educator Department of Extension The Ohio State University
    Dr. Michael A. Ellis, Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Plant Pathology Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Ohio State University
    Dr. Roger N. Williams, Professor Department of Entomology, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center The Ohio State University
    Dr. Douglas Doohan, Associate Professor and Weed Specialist Department of Horticulture and Crop Science Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Ohio State University
  • Cost: $10.50 plus S&H
    Order Hard Copy: Copies of this guide may be purchased from Media Distribution, Communications and Technology, The Ohio State University, 385 Kottman Hall, 2021 Coffey Road, Columbus, OH 43210-1044. Phone: 614-292-1607.Fax: 614-292-1248. E-mail: Visa and MasterCard accepted.  
    Read on-line copy here:


Grapes Community of Practice eViticulture -- A National Viticulture Resource Containing the Latest Science-based Information for Viticulturists

Market Manager - a web based tool that helps buyers and sellers find each other. Designed by the Univeristy of Illinois, it is free to use and is now available in 18 states. Five videos are currently available on YouTube. The link to the videos is:                                                                                                                                     

A press release is also available at:

Winery Financial Plans:

 Business Plans for Wineries

  • 2009-2010 Vineyard Pest Managment Tool Kit  From VineSmith, Inc. Vineyard Services
    The Fungicide, Insecticide & Herbicide Guides in the Tool Kit display all the up-to-date information you need in a handy "at-a-glance" chart format.
    • Cost: $49 (plus tax, S&H), price includes:
    • Fungicide Guide poster
    • Insecticide Guide poster
    • Herbicide Guide booklet
    • “Planning a Vineyard Pest Management Program” booklet
    • email notifications of label changes and new products
    • Order online at: or call (540) 454-1863.