Suggested Enology Educational Path

Semester 1-Fall

VIN 146 (3hrs) Introduction to Enology

VIN 105 (4hrs) Molecular Principles of Grape and Wine


Semester 2-Spring

VIN 110 (3hrs) Introduction to Wine Microorganisms

VIN 160 (2hrs) Winery Equipment Operation

VIN 266 (3hrs) Sensory Evaluation


Semester 3-Fall

VIN 246 (2hrs) Intermediate Enology - Harvest/Crush

VIN 148 (3hrs) Winery Sanitation


Semester 4-Spring

VIN 247 (2hrs) Intermediate Enology - Post Harvest

VIN 268 (3hrs) Wine and Must Analysis


Semester 5-Fall

VIN 257 (3hrs) Fall Wine Production Internship

Viticulture Elective (3hrs) VIN 111 or VIN 293


Semester 6-Spring

VIN 259 (2hrs) Cellar Operations Technology